House Extensions Leicester

House or Home Extensions in Leicester

To go through the process of getting a house or home extension in Leicester, you have to consider a lot of things, here are some of them. The trick is to extend and to come out well in the investment stakes, which means you have to put a lot of thought into even the smallest extension. For example, if you merely wish to extend the kitchen at the rear of your 1930s semi, should it be single storey or two? If it is the latter, what will go above it? This all applies to kitchen extensions also, bare that in mind. Read on to discover more about house extensions.

There are also practical issues to consider that are not directly concerned with the house extension. Access is a good example. If you add to your accommodation, will it mean more cars will need to be parked on the drive? If you have no drive then the lack of off-street parking might be a reason for the refusal of planning permission. This is an issue when it comes to building house extensions.

cost of house extention leicester
House extensions in Leicester

Similarly, if your house is in a terrace do you have rear access for the unloading of building materials or if not, will you have to bring everything from beams to blocks, and girders to guttering through the house? Take this into account when researching the cost of extension or the cost of house extensions.

Other important aspects to consider before you get to the stage of getting your plans drawn are matters like:

  • soil conditions on the site;
  • services;
  • surrounding trees;
  • any history of flooding;
  • rights of way.

Another wise move is to get to know someone who has done a similar extension. They might have a builder or particular tradesman to recommend (or not recommend) but either way they will be full of useful tips on how long to allow for different tasks and many other matters.

How Much Does a house extension in Leicester Cost?

There are many variables that will affect the cost of your house extension such as soil type (which impacts the foundations); whether you are building a single or two storey extension; what the extension will be used for; and how much glazing you plan to specify.

Depending where you are in the UK, for a straightforward extension you should allow around £1,000–2,000/m². Remember that the standard of specification you choose will have an enormous influence on the build cost. Experienced renovator Michael Holmes, says a single storey extension will cost the following per/m².

  • Basic quality £1,000 to £1,680
  • Good quality £1,680 to £1,920
  • Excellent quality £1,920 to £2,160

A two storey extension will not cost much more per square metre because, aside from the extra interior fixtures and finishes, you are only adding walls and floor joists — a roof and foundations are required whether your extension is single or two storey.

Remember: Balance the amount you are willing to spend on your extension with the estimated value it will add to your home.